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Rice Flour (Appam Podi) Palappam Powder
Rice Flour (Appam Podi) Palappam Powder
Rice Flour (Appam Podi) Palappam Powder
Rice Flour (Appam Podi) Palappam Powder

Rice Flour (Appam Podi) Palappam Powder

Rice Flour (Appam Podi) Palappam Powder

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    NatureLoc Homemade Appam Podi Soft Nice White Rice Powder Flour
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NatureLoc Appam Podi/Appam Powder - Appam Rice Flour  ( അരി പൊടി)  -Buy Online चावल का आटा

NatureLoC Made Quick and Easy Appam with Rice Flour Appam Podi /Palappam Powder/Vellayappam Flour Order online

How to prepare appam palappam ?What is white rice flour or aripodi?

NatureLoC made Fresh Rice Powder (അരി പൊടി चावल का आटा) to make mouth-watering Appams (അപ്പം ) laced with crispy.  Appam Podi or Powder is a rice flour which is specially formulated and slightly varied for the perfect Appam. Appam is the traditional Kerala break-fast which is a preferred food variety in Tamilnadu, certain parts of Karnataka and Sri Lanka.  Appams made from Natureloc  Appam Podi is famed for its pure white colour, even texture and softness.It is served with vegetarian or non vegetarian dishes. 

How to make perfect appam with  NatureLoC Made rice powder (അപ്പം പൊടി)| Appam recipe വെള്ളയപ്പം പൊടി/

പാലപ്പം പൊടി

  • NatureLoC Vellayappam: Add 4-5 teaspoon NatureLoC made Fresh soft Appapodi അപ്പം പൊടി) in 1/4 cup of water and boil to make 'kappi'. 
  • Grind half grated coconut . 
  • The 'kappi' and grinded portion is added into 1/2 kg NatureLoC made Fresh Appapodi (Rice powder) together with 5-6 glass of water and one pinch of yeast and mixt it well. 
  • Keep it for 10-12 hours for fermenting. Afterwards and salt to taste and spread the batter in Appachatti to make Vellayappam one by one. Vellayappam is ready. Tasty  succulent, mouth-watering Appams laced with crispy, delicate edges and soft. 

White rice flour (അരി പൊടി चावल का आटा)different languages

  • English-Rice Flour /White Rice Powder
  • Mlalayalam-Ari Podi/appam/Palappam podi/Flour അരി പൊടി വെള്ളയപ്പം പൊടി/
  • പാലപ്പം പൊടി
  • Hindi-chaaval ka atta चावल का आटा

How to store rice flour/NatureLoC white rice flour appam powder palappam podi?

  • Can be used to thicken soups and curries to. Store the opened pack in an air tight container.

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