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Venga dried and crushed

Venga dried and crushed

Venga dried and crushed

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    Venga dried-crushed
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Venga or Indian kino tree (Pterocarpus marsupium Roxb) is a tropical forest medium deciduous tree. It grows to 30m tall, flowers are yellow borne in clusters. Its useful parts are heartwood, leaves and flowers.

Medicinal uses of venga is to treat inflammation and diabetes, remove fat from blood and antibiotic. Its heartwood decoction is useful to treat diabetic problems. Venga is the best remedy for weight loss diet. Just add 10 gm of Venga in 1 ltr water and consume it in alternative days.

Venga one of the ingredients in the ayurveda medicines like Narasimha Rasayana, Neelolpaladi thailam, Asana Eladi Tailam, Asana Manishtadi Oil, Asana Vilwadi Thailam.

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