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Veppilakatti Chammanthi
Veppilakatti Chammanthi
Veppilakatti Chammanthi

Veppilakatti Chammanthi

Veppilakatti Chammanthi

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    Veppilakatti Chammanthi,Veppilakatti Chutney (Balls)
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Veppilakatti Chammanthi, Veppilakatti Chutney

Veppilakatti is a spiced leafy chutney, which is very famous among the Palakkad region in Kerala. Best thing about this chutney is that it stays fresh for almost a month without refrigeration. It is best eaten as a side-dish for Thayir Sadham (curd rice) and hot steaming rice. Store these in airtight glass containers and this will keep it fresh for almost a month without refrigeration. Wild lemon leaves (Vadugapuli narangathilai) is the main ingredient in this recipe. Carefully picked leaves are washed and patted dried while the tender leaves can be used as such. The thick vein in the middle portion of the leaves gets removed. A handful of curry leaves is also used in this dish. These leaves along with the salt gets pounded in the mortar using the olakkai, i.e the long wooden pestle used to pound rice. It is then kept aside. Next comes the mixture of red chillies, green chilly, hing and tamarind. These will be pounded almost fine. Finally, the leaves are added to it and pounded together. This will be done in batches. Pounding will release some juice from the leaves and salt.  The spice and leaf mixture will be transferred to a big vessel and mixed well. Then it is made into balls and stored in air tight container. 

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