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Karkidakam Specials

Karkidakkom - Specials -Karkidakam Diet

Karkkidaka Kanji Pack Organic Navara Rice and Karkkidaka Marunnukanji Churnam

Karkidakam Diet

  • Ajamamsarayanam is recommended- to boost the immunity
  • Food prepared from old grains,wheat,yava,(purana dhanyas)
  • Yusha to be taken (seasoned vegetable soup)
  • Mastu (thair vellam) processed with sauvarchala salt.powder of pachakola (group of 5 drugs:pippali,pippalimilam,chavya,chitraka,nagaram should be used
  • On very cloudy days, food should be predominantly sour,salty,sneha dravya (ghee or oil)
  • Easily digestible food should be taken . Honey is also advised in diet
  • Use of mardhika madhya (wine) and arishta madhya.  The karikidaka kanji is quite famous and is an important diet to be taken during this season