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Black Pepper Powder, Kerala Kurumulaku podi, Kali Mirchi Powder - Buy Online Kali mirch

Black Pepper Powder, Kerala Kurumulaku podi, Kali Mirchi Powder - Buy Online Kali mirch

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Black Pepper Powder Kerala Kurumulaku podi - Buy Online Kali mirch

Buy NatureLoC.com Spice Black Pepper Powder and Whole Black Pepper Kali Mirch Kurumulaku Online in India‎ Kerala Black Pepper Thani Nadan Kurumulaku 

Black pepper or kali mirch as we call is a spice variety which has had a major impact on kitchens all around the world. Black pepper काली मिर्च kaalee mirch belongs to the category of the flowering vine, typically cultivated for its fruits. Even though black pepper can be consumed just as it is, many of the culinary preparations make use of black pepper in its powder form. About 80% of all household kitchens use black pepper in making various dishes. The significant role of black pepper in imparting traditional taste, strong spicy flavour and aroma to the recipes speaks volume about the way it has been accepted among various cuisines. Among the midst of various spices like cardamom, clove, cinnamon, cumin and star anise, black pepper is termed as the King of spices. The popularity it commands over South Indian cuisine is second to none as major share of South Indian recipes includes the use of black pepper in one form or the other. The use of black pepper in its powder form gives out much more flavour than it’s used as it is. 

Genuine first quality fresh and raw black pepper collected from trusted farmers is sundried for a week to get perfect black pepper ready for culinary usage. Perfectly dried black peppercorns are powdered to get fine black pepper powder. Black pepper is also used in Ayurveda; it is extensively used for making medicines for some of the common ailments like respiratory disorders, coughs, common cold, indigestion, constipation, anaemia, muscular strains, diarrhoea and heart diseases.

Taste the difference in your food with our range of aromatic spices with natural flavour. NatureLoC.com brings you a rich collection of Kerala spices.

Black Pepper Specifications (kurumulaku കുരുമുളക്)

  • Black Pepper Scientific name: Piper nigrum
  • Black Pepper  Higher classification: Pepper plants
  • Black Pepper  Rank: Species

What are the different varieties or type of pepper?

Black Pepper (kurumulaku),white pepper (vella kurumulaku),green pepper(pacha kurumulaku)...

Buy Online Black Pepper (kurumulaku കുരുമുളക്) order online white Peppercorns or white peppergreen pepper or green peppercorns

Buy Online Kerala Spice Black Pepper|Kerala Nadan Kurumulaku | Karutha Kurumulaku Black Pepper Powder Order Online 

Black Pepper in Hand Grinder Bottle, Black Pepper in Grinder Bottle, Kurumulaku in Reusable Glass Grinding Bottle, A T.O.K Product - Buy Online

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