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Black Pepper (Kurumulaku)
Black Pepper (Kurumulaku)
Black Pepper (Kurumulaku)

Black Pepper (Kurumulaku)

Black Pepper (Kurumulaku)

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    Kerala Special black pepper - Kali Mirchi (Kurumulak)
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Black Pepper (kurumulaku കുരുമുളക്) King of Spices

Black pepper (काली मिर्च,kaalee mirchi, kurumulaku,കുരുമുളക് )is a pungent, hot spice with numerous health benefits. It is extensively used in Ayurvedic medicines. Black pepper is known to have many health benefits, but it should be used only in a moderate quantity.

Piperine is the active component present in black pepper which gives them its distinguished taste. It is a good source of several nutritional minerals like calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, chromium and potassium. It also have a fair share of vitamins like vitamin A and C. Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of black pepper makes it a unique medicinal spice.

  • Material feature : veg
  • Storage : In dry and cool place
  • Shelf life : 3-4 years

Black Pepper : Health benefits

  • Good for digestion
  • Enhances nutritional absorption
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Provides respiratory relief

Black Pepper Specifications (kurumulaku കുരുമുളക്)

  • Black Pepper Scientific name: Piper nigrum
  • Black Pepper  Higher classification: Pepper plants
  • Black Pepper  Rank: Species

What are the different varieties or type of pepper?

Black Pepper (kurumulaku),white pepper (vella kurumulaku),green pepper(pacha kurumulaku)

Tags: spices, black pepper, kurumulaku, kali mirchi, kerala special black pepper

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