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Rice Husk (Umi)
Rice Husk (Umi)
Rice Husk (Umi)

Rice Husk (Umi)

Rice Husk (Umi)

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    Rice Husk, Umi, Kerala Rice Husk
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Rice Husk, Umi, Kerala Rice Husk – Buy Online

Rice husk or umi ഉമി is the outer covering of a rice grain which acts as a protective encasing. It has light brown texture and it’s removed to get rice grains. The unique convex shape of rice husk is slightly larger than grains. The Ayurvedic tooth cleanser, Umikkari is prepared by heating rice husks. Since ancient times, even before the arrival of toothpaste, Umikari or charcoal made of rice husk was the main product.

Rice husk Umi uses

Rice husk is even used in making agricultural compost used for farming. The high rate of lignin content in rice husk makes the process of composting much more delayed. Rice hulls that are parboiled (PBH) are used as a substrate or medium for gardening, including certain hydro cultures. The hulls decay over time. Rice hulls allow drainage and retain less water than grow stones. It has been shown that rice hulls do not affect plant growth regulation.

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