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Bamboo Rice, Mulayari, Moongil Arisi - Buy online

Bamboo Rice, Mulayari, Moongil Arisi - Buy online

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Bamboo Rice, Mulayari, Moongil Arisi - Buy online

Bamboo Rice (Moongil Rice)  from Wayanadu, Kerala -The Green Gold


Bamboo rice is collected from the seeds of flowered bamboos. With resemblance to paddy rice and wheat-like taste, bamboo rice is comparatively much richer in protein. It is pungent, sweet, strong, and nutritious.

Nature keeps all the best hidden treasures deep inside her. From the heart of nature, rare and exquisite bamboo seed rice is gathered from wild jungle bamboos which are the tallest of herb grasses grown in tropical rain forests. These seeds are collected by the tribal residing inside the forest with great hardships.

Bamboo seed rice is the grain obtained from the Bamboo tree which is the tallest herbs in tropical forest. Some species of bamboos only flower once in 40-60 years and often die after flowering. They compensate by releasing huge amounts of flowers and seeds, one of many mechanisms that nature employs to ensure the survival of certain species. A hundred grams of bamboo seeds contains 60 gram of carbohydrate and 260 Grams calorie of energy. Because flowering is such an infrequent event for bamboo trees, thus the tree packs it’s seeds with the bests, maximum energy, fuel and much more hidden medicinal aspects. Someway a perfect bestowal to its next generation.

Bamboo rice is not commonly available due to the reason that it takes many years for an aged plant to flower, which cannot be predicted, as it may vary from few years to 100 years for a bamboo plant to flower.

Nature’s Hidden Treasures – Amazing health secrets behind bamboo rice

1. Low in Calories

2. Lowers cholesterol levels

3. Improves digestion

4. High levels of Potassium

5. Good source of vitamin B6

Medicinal Benefits:

1) Controls Joints pain, back pain and rheumatic pain.

2) Increases sexual ability and immunity power. Also known as Wild viagra.

3) Controls sugar, cholesterol and Blood pressure.

4) Good for Pregnant women to overcome vitamin deficiency.

5) Bamboo Rice boiled water can be given as soup to patient for quick recovery.

How to cook:

It can be cooked the same way as white rice.

Note: On the day of consuming bamboo rice avoid taking potato.

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