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Pumpkin Seeds (Edible)
Pumpkin Seeds (Edible)
Pumpkin Seeds (Edible)

Pumpkin Seeds (Edible)

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    Pumpkin Seeds Dried
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    Pumpkin seeds are known to be a natural source of nutritional components like minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids. These seeds are also known as 'Pepita', which is a Spanish culinary term for pumpkin seeds.

    Pumpkin seeds or pepita are packed with essential nutrients and offer a wide range of health benefits.

    Pepita or pumpkin seeds are dark green coloured seeds with a flat shape and are encased in a yellow-white husk. They have a malleable chewy texture and a subtly sweet and pleasant nutty flavour. These nutritional storehouses offer a wide range of essential health benefits. According to some of the studies, these light green coloured pumpkin seeds are among the few foods that increase in nutritive value as they decompose. These are great for your health and can offer some of the essential health benefits

    • Aids in prostate health
    • Protects for Men's Bones
    • Boost the immune system and fertility
    • Reduces the risk of diabetes
    • Regulate the sleep
    • Good source of heart-healthy and anti-inflammatory nutrients

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    Ann Minnu John
    Thanks to Natureloc. Finally I got a place to order natural & fresh baby foods from the comfort of my home. The products delivered are so fresh and homemade so that we can give to kids happily..
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    Bangalore is the Super store from where I usually order all my favorite homemade delicacies & kitchenware.. :)
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    New Delhi
    I've been a regular customer for NatureLoc for last 3 Yrs.. Good Quality & authentic products..
    Archana Anumod
    Purity of your ghee will help in my pregnancy
    Harshada Desai
    Mortar and Pestle (Idikallu) -Stone : " Loved it"