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Broken Rice - Podiyari
Broken Rice - Podiyari
Broken Rice - Podiyari

Broken Rice - Podiyari

Broken Rice - Podiyari

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    Podiari, Nurukari, Podiyari, Broken Rice Kerala red rice
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Buy Online Broken rice (Podi ari) or podiyari nurukari Kerala Farm Fresh broken rice nurukari (പൊടിയരി )

Broken rice, podiyari or nurukari is normally made from traditional rice variety readily available in Kerala. Porridge made with these broken rice are good for stomach upset as it is easy to digest and is high in essential nutritional elements.

The porridge made with red broken rice (known as “Kuthari” in Malayalam) will have better taste compared to the normal rice variety available in the market. If you have fever or stomach upsets, the porridge is the best food because it will digest easily. So the porridge is considered as healthy staple food for everyone.

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